Monday, March 26, 2012

Strawberry Cake Iced In Strawberry Swiss Meringue Rosettes

It's been long. Too long since I've posted new cakes.
Between moving, working, and getting pregnant (which includes being tired, giving into the uncontrollable urge to nest,  and oddly enough losing my sweet tooth ) I've definitely let my baking, photography, and blogging go to the wayside.
However, I am truly, honestly, and hopefully getting back to it more because there are just too many tasty cakes I want to bake and beautiful decorating techniques I am eager to try. 

Like this one...

Have you ever seen buttercream so beautiful? Cakes iced with a single tip are all the rage now, and I can see why! They are simple, beautiful, and impressive.

For this one I used a mini star tip to pipe rosettes after applying a crumb coat.

Then I went the extra mile and hand placed each and every single one of those little pearl sprinkles in the center of each rosette. The time and effort was so worth it. Thole little pearl sprinkles make this cake amazing.

Mini rosettes piped in fresh strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream.

What was even better about baking again was eating a homemade cake- all from scratch. No shortening. No food coloring. Fresh pureed strawberries. Fresh butter. Perfect texture. Perfect.

Wishing you could enjoy a slice with me.