Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just the Beginning...

So first off, by popular demand, this is it- my food blog for all things cake, cookies, and pastry.

I've never done this before, but my facebook page (and my friends' facebook newsfeed) is FULL of my photos of cake and chocolate and cupcakes and more cake. Not that this is bad, but I received a lot of response from friends about it! Therefore, I suppose it is time that all of my sweet confections wind up in one specific place instead of just being added to the growing number of albums on my facebook page (which probably won't change friends). I'm hoping to get photos of all my past creations up, and then work on my new future baking endeavors.

I hope in the end it's all worthwhile. I am by no means the best baker or cake decorator and am always learning and trying new things, which I enjoy. It's a hobby I love to share and bless others with. I also hope all my foodie friends and fellow baking enthusiasts find some inspiration here- I know I always do when reading food blogs. =)

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